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Mentoring changemakers who are dedicated to improving the world, creating positive impact through coaching techniques, spirituality, and connection with nature

Restoring hope in a better world

Finding balance between doing and being

Generating positive impact while feeling light

Materializing significant and necessary changes in your personal and professional lives

Making intuitive choices that reflect who you are

Feeling joy in your service

Communicating with confidence

Having energy to take care of yourself and your dreams

Courage to change direction

Organizing goals, schedule, and time

Finding and using clear strategies to move forward with your projects

Learning from nature

Diving within with patience



I'm Karina Miotto, a woman who, so committed to doing her part for a better world, organically became a reference. I've organized two TEDx events in Pará, I was sponsored and trained by TED during two international TED conferences, and my work has been cited in academic papers and books inside and outside Brazil, gaining international recognition. This extreme commitment led me to experience severe burnout loaded with trauma in 2012. This condition forced me to pause and drastically slow down what, until then, was my primary motivation in life: caring for the Amazon Rainforest and protecting it through environmental journalism.

Over 11 years of transition and recovery, I remained active, seeking new, more inspiring and loving communication paths. I specialized in the environmental philosophy of Deep Ecology, received coaching training from expert Paula Abreu, was invited by Satish Kumar to study a master's in Holistic Science at Schumacher College, England having Stephan Harding as my supervisor, and concluded a training in The Work That Reconnects in California with Joanna Macy.


I founded the Amazon Reconnection movement, gave lectures and classes about my experiences as changemaker in the rainforest in five countries, and made Australia my home for five years. There, I worked as a coach, studied with John Seed, supported agents of change, participated in peaceful activist actions, learned a lot from indigenous peoples, worked to protect the Daintree, the oldest forest on Earth and led an university project to unite a community around mitigating climate change in the Australian Alps through a methodology I developed based on Deep Ecology, deep listening and deep connecting. Most importantly, throughout this decade, I delved not only into the different continents of Gaia but into my emotions and spirituality with the support of shamans, therapists, and powerful healers to fully recover myself.


I sought strategies to heal at the pace my body, emotions, and mind allowed. It happened. I am now back in full power, working for the planet. However, my focus has expanded a bit: it's also on people—those who strive to create "the most beautiful world our hearts know is possible".

Today, my greater calling is to use all my experience to care for those who care. To support visionary changemakers, people who know the future can be much better because they have the vision, passion, strategy, and determination to materialize a new, absolutely necessary reality.

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Individual and group mentoring

Self-Transformation Journeys


Deep dives into yourself with transformative self-knowledge practices to generate self-love, connection with your spirituality, and more fluidity and lightness in your path. Designed for you to live your truth by looking inside lovingly. For those who feel lost, in need of changes, clarity about their service, and lacking courage to take the first step.

Wings and Roots Mentoring

Embark on a transformative journey tailored just for you. Discover your unique path to making a positive impact in both your professional and personal spheres. With our guidance, you'll find the courage to answer your calling and take the leap towards meaningful change. Through the lens of Deep Ecology and a profound connection to nature, we'll help you tap into your inner wisdom and hear the Earth's whispers guiding you forward. Experience a profound sense of well-being, empowerment, and clarity as you embrace your role as a changemaker. Perfect for those who yearn to make a difference and feel the weight of the world's challenges. If you're ready to step into your power and create meaningful impact, this journey is for you.

Speaker Coaching


Methodology that prepares you to become an excellent spokesperson for your ideas. Based on four pillars: TED's personal training I received, storytelling, self-knowledge, and my experience as a speaker in over five countries. A unique process with me – after it, you'll be able to prepare your own speeches confidently for the rest of your life.


Self-knowledge trips to the Amazon

In the heart of the mother forest, the Amazon, you will hear the voice of your soul through Gaia's voice. You will awaken to the call of your heart through experiences in self-knowledge and Deep Ecology that lead to internal reconnection, receptivity, presence, surrender, and trust in nature's potent wisdom. You will feel belonging, affection, freedom, clarity, peace, and may find answers to your deepest questions.

All trips are to the state of Amazonas, with accommodation in jungle hotels or traditional communities. In addition to personalized experiences, they include forest activities in a differentiated way: trails, animal watching, birdwatching, sunrise and sunset, boat outings during the day and night take on new dimensions with Amazon Reconnection – in Portuguese, “Reconexão Amazônia”.

Know yourself, strengthen yourself, empower yourself, become flexible. Be enchanted.


After knowing the Amazon, your worldview will never be the same.

Logo RA

Consulting and workshops for groups, universities, companies, and NGOs

Workshops focused on leadership, team building and mitigation of climate change through experiences inspired by Deep Ecology and the Active Hope methodology

  •  Increased empathy

  • Team spirit potentiation

  • Connection to the Earth

  • Uniting the heart and the mind to find meaningful answers

  • Trust building

  • Deepening sense of purpose

  • Enthusiasm with creativity

  • Vulnerability and privacy

Nature Master Workshops - direct learning from nature about our main capacities to overcome challenges in personal and professional life

  • Clarity about the path to follow

  • Encounter with your power

  • Calmer mind

  • Learnings applicable to the business world

  • Personal development

  • Well-being even in the face of a tight schedule


Freedom, passion that warms but does not burn, courage, spirituality, evolution, connection, positive impact, and expression are values that guide my life and work through my learnings from nature, silence, and my pilgrimages around the world

The Coaching Clareia, with Karina, made me reflect on various situations so that I could pursue my goals with clarity and, thus, achieve my dreams! 

– Vanessa Simões

The Self-Transformation Journeys was one of the most meaningful experiences of my life

– Juliane Teixeira

Reconexão Amazônia Retreat

The experience with the Amazon Reconnection was sensational. You really need to go to understand. The forest is kind, calming, it brings peace and wisdom

– André Carvalhal

I learned that the elements of nature can teach me valuable things, such as leadership and empathy

– Beatriz Zschaber


Karina connects with her audience in a way that few can. She provoked thoughts and emotions in our participants in a deep and genuine way

– Steven Carlson

I would need days to explain all the benefits that coaching with Karina brought me, but if I have to use one word, it will be "clarity"

– Ane Mendes

Coaching clients online
With André Carvalhar during Reconexão Amazônia Retreat
During a Deep Ecology workshop
Second customized workshop to Farm Rio
Customized workshop to Farm Rio

Her wide-ranging experience across continents and cultures provides her with unique insights and experience. She’s also a lovely person to know and to work with – 
Kelvin Davies, Australia

With Edmara Barbosa after a workshop of mine

This Deep Ecology experience with Karina profoundly impacted my life. What was in the unconscious came to the conscious

– Edmara Barbosa

Deep Ecology in Australia

Her enthusiasm and charisma are contagious. She took away our fear s- mine and the children's - and gave us the desire to experience the Amazon for ourselves

– Alison Letten, England

Teaching children about the Amazon forest in England

Karina is no longer a warrior going to war. She did such a good job for the Amazon that today she is a warrior trainer

—  Silmara Veiga

After her talk, our law students felt highly engaged. Her work impacted them

– Elena Aydos, Australia

Empowerment workshop to changemakers in Australia

After being trained by Karina, my presentation was simply sensational! It was a life-changing experience that made me think about the future of my career

—  Thiago Queiroz

Deep Ecology workshop group in Brazil

How important it is to touch people's hearts! I learned that I need to first discover where the heart of my work is

– Elena Martinis

With Fe Cortez during Reconexão Amazônia Retreat

Being close to Karina is a guarantee of transformation and expansion of consciousness. She gives voice to concepts that would previously only exist in the realm of ideas and is capable of planting significant seeds of the change necessary for this time in the world.

– Priscila Freitas

I really liked the part where we told a story we are very proud of because most of the time we only think about our failures. Recognizing that you are proud of something you did is magical. It was special to have to perceive myself more for the good things I move in the world

—  Lidia Brasil 

Workshop to Youth from Engajamundo in the Amazon

I was able to experience this reconnection with myself, my life purpose, my path, my challenges, and virtues. The Amazon Reconnection is one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced

—  Fê Cortez

Workshop to youth in Australia

I learned that I need to take care of myself, have time for myself, and commit to the rhythm in my life

– Violeta Lapa, Portugal

Reconexão Amazônia Retreat

After she explained to me her experience in the Amazon and her vision of taking people to the rainforest, I made my decision. After this experience, I understood I could become a voice of the rainforest

– Luis Calainho

Reconexão Amazônia Retreat
Connecting workshop to women in Australia

She orchestrated our coaching group with mastery, made us connect internally, with our inner child, and with each other. We became an egregore, and that comes through her way of communicating on an equal level with each of us

—  Paula Lopes

The trees guided me through Karina's voice. During meditation, I kept my mind present, accepted my processes without repressing or controlling them

– Stefano Viola

Workshop to youth in Australia
Connecting with nature workshop to youth in Brazil
With Brazilian Actress Maite Proença after a workshop of mine

She makes us dive into aspects that, within the context of the rush we live in, are no longer contemplated. The immersion takes us back to the being we are but have forgotten

– Maite Proença

Karina has a gift – the gift of calming, focusing, organizing, and providing support in this beautiful moment where we have the opportunity to talk about something that impassions us. Our sessions were pleasant, productive, and decisively contributed to the TEDGlobal talk I gave

 —  Alessandra Orofino

Workshop to youth in Australia

Some of my teachers and supporters of my work


We are the ones we've been waiting for

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